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Search Engine Optimization Tools
 by: Charles Nixon III

Well, I bet many of you have been trying to find tools to help you in optimizing your website for search engines. So I thought I would throw together an article with a list of really useful tools (and of course ill give you a link to their websites so you can download them to!)

Keyword Suggestion Tool

This tool shows you the results from wordtracker (that online program that charges you to find "good keywords") and results from overture. Great tool plus its free... www.digitalpoint.com/tools/suggestion

Backlink Tracker

For this tool you have to sign up for it.. Wait... don't run away yet.. its 100% free. Great tool for checking on who is linking to your website. www.digitalpoint.com/tools/backlinks/

Cheap Domain Names

Woa... your probably wondering how this got thrown in to Search Engine Optimization Tools? Well when you optimize your website for search engines it is always good to have multiple domains, and have domains that have your keyword in it. So NameCheap offers domains for really cheap (thus the name). Price currently is at $8.88 (as of 07-04-2004 price may be different if the date you are reading this is somewhere distant from the date it was published). www.namecheap.com/

Site Report Card

Now this website has multiple tools built into one. You can run website analysis, optimization, and promotion reports. They give many reports on stuff like broken links, misspelled words, site popularity, keyword analysis, and much more. sitereportcard.com

Google Monitor

This is an awesome tool... Especially if you just created a website and published it to Google. This will search your keyword and find what position you are on Google for that keyword so you don't have to manually go in and search hundreds and hundreds of pages. www.cleverstat.com/google-monitor-query.htm

Website Analyzer

Have you ever paid someone to optimize your site for the web? (Search Engine Optimization) Well this tool is basically what a majority those "experts" use. www.gorank.com/analyze.php

Link Popularity Checker

Check how popular your website is with MarketLeap's tool. www.marketleap.com/publinkpop/default.htm#

Note: I am giving away tons of resources in this article, these may help you, and they may not. These are tools that a lot fo the "experts" use to market your website. Keep in mind that they charge you and use these tools because they know what they are doing and have experience in many fields while using these tools, plus other resources they may have.

Do you have any more useful tools? Why not share them? Don't be stingy!! We all want in on the free tools. If you have a Search Engine Optimization tool, a web design tool, or any other tool that may benefit others please feel free to email me the tool at my email address Charles@CharlesNixon.com

Thanks and good luck to everyone!


About The Author

Charles Nixon - Website Designer. Driven by Creativity. Building websites to increase sales, and web presence. Did you start your business to create a website? Or to run your business? CharlesNixon.com may be the web design firm for you! Competitive prices and your project delivered on time and on budget.

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