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Webmaster Articles by Title (0021 - a)

50 Surefire Web Design Tips
 by: Mario Sanchez

Tips to brand your website

  • Include your logo in all pages. Position it at the top left or each page.

  • Complement your logo with a tagline or catchy sentence that summarizes your business purpose. For example "Always low prices" is the tagline for Wal-Mart.

  • Create a favicon. A favicon is that small graphic that appears next to the URL in the address bar. ... continue

A More Accessible Pop-Up Window
 by: Karl Groves

More and more commercial websites are featuring pop-ups these days. In many instances, I'm noticing more pop-ups being used for advertising, probably due to the harsh reality that is "banner blindness". In other cases, pop-ups are used to display supplemental content to the parent page. Unfortunately, many designers know little about how to make a proper pop-up window that will be accessible. ... continue

Absolute & Relative Links How Do They Rank?
 by: Martin Lemieux

The question for this article is whether or not you should use "absolute url's" or "relative url's"? Not only that, this article researches whether or not Google ranks these methods differently. ... continue

Adding Sound to your Web Site - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
 by: Alan Steward

Many webmasters like the idea of adding background music to their web sites but most shy away from doing it worrying about slow loading pages and large file sizes. There are many different ways to add background music to your site and some of them don't require large files to achieve professional results. Let's examine all the different ways to add background music to your site and rate them to find the best solution for you. ... continue

Advantages for Using FrontPage... maybe this HTML editor has some hidden advantages
 by: Robin Nobles

Ever since I've been doing SEO work, I've always griped and complained about FrontPage and all the extraneous code it puts in the section of the page, etc.

Then recently, I had the opportunity to visit with a group of advanced search engine optimizers, and I was shocked to find that many of them use FrontPage and love it. ... continue

Affiliate Alternative; Google Adsense
 by: Sharon Housley

The Rise and Fall of Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs were once a great source of online revenue, a savvy webmaster with an eye for marketing could easily parley a site into a money making machine with a little luck and effort. ... continue

Are You Driving Away Potential Customers?
 by: Karin Peavy

When a prospect lands on your website will he or she understand what you are presenting? Do your ordering/sign up instructions make sense? Can prospects easily find the information they are searching for? If you donít know the answers to these questions you may be driving away potential customers. ... continue

ASP Web Hosting
 by: M6.net

ASP web hosting refers to web hosting companies who provide support for ASP (Active Server Page). If you want a dynamic data-driven web site you may wish to embed ASP code into your web siteís HTML Pages. When a user is viewing a web site that is developed using ASP, the pages can change depending on the actions of the user. ASP code allows you to link your web pages to a database, where users can interact with the web page by logging in and using their own personal settings or they can interactively place orders on your web site. ... continue

Autoresponder Tips
 by: Richard Lowe, Jr.

An autoresponder is useful for, well, responding to people who send you inquiries through email. They are actually more than just merely useful - they are an essential tool in any webmaster's toolbox. Used properly, they can enhance your visitors experience and virtually guarantee that they will come back time after time. Used improperly, they annoy people and push them away from ever coming back. ... continue

Avoiding The Site Blockers
 by: Serge Daudelin

It probably comes as no surprise that I consider that most, if not all, site blocking providers are somewhere around Pond Scum on the evolutionary scale. But they are an evil that must be accommodated in our e-marketing plans. Because they do such a bad job of delivering their products, we must pay even more attention to them than if they actually provided a usable service. ... continue

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