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How to Boost Your Chances at Having a Successful Web Site
 by: Robin Nobles

New Web sites are springing up online by the millions. However, when they don’t reach a level of success, the Web site owners assume that they can’t make money off the Internet.



How To Build Your First Web Site
 by: BB Lee

Getting Started!

Most Internet service providers offer their customers a space to place a basic site on the World Wide Web. With this basic site you will get your very own URL. (Universal Resource Locater) This will be your business address on the web. Now, anyone who knows your URL will know how to contact you on the World Wide Web. Even if they are on the other side of the world! ... continue

How to Choose a Quality Webhost
 by: Jesse S. Somer

If you are anything like me, you’d probably like to have a website on the Internet but you just have no idea how to go about it. All this talk of web hosting, bandwidth, disc space, and other jargon can cause one to say, “This is too complicated and technical, I just wanted to have a place to put all of my favorite skateboarding photos, cool information on ramp designs, and the best places to skate!” To get a website on the Web you have to go through a web host. The question is how do you find the web host for you? ... continue

How To Choose A Website Designer
 by: Steve Lillo

Now that you have decided that it is time to create a website for your business there are many questions you must answer. One of the most important questions is "Who should create my website?" ... continue

How to Create a Links Page and Build Page Rank
 by: James R. Morrison

One of the hardest achievements for a webmaster to obtain is a solid links page and great web site page rank. You know as well as I do that it is very difficult to obtain well page ranked reciprocal links. Especially when your actual links page is PR 1 or 2! There are ways to construct a links page with good page rank and reach a great page ranked web site. ... continue

How to Create a Useful, Popular Website
 by: Michael LaRocca

In this free email course, I'll tell you everything I know about setting up your website and placing it highly in the search engines.

Everything I tell you will also be free. You'll spend some time, but you won't spend your money.

Your two goals, useful and popular, are related. Search engines can bring you a lot of first-time users, but quality will keep them coming back.

How technical will I get? ... continue

How To Create A Website In Less Than A Week
 by: Andre Grisby

Here's a really simple way... any novice can create a fully functional website in less than a week.

Websites are the wave of the future. Although many companies are using an online presence to drive business to their brick and mortar stores, many hobbyists also tend to have a bit of interest in developing their own online presence as well. Developing a website from scratch can be rather expensive, but armed with the right tools, and given a little instruction, anyone can develop a professional website in less than a week. ... continue

How Disabled Users Access The Internet
 by: Trenton Moss

In 1995 a new era of accessibility for disabled people began. The Disability Discrimination Act was passed, stating that:

“It is unlawful for a service provider to discriminate against a disabled person by refusing to provide any service which it provides to members of the public.”... continue

How To Design A Search Engine Friendly Website
 by: Arif Hanid

There are many websites that fail to target their required traffic, even if they’ve had some search engine optimisation work done. One of the main causes for this is simply because the website isn’t search engine friendly.

This is a basic essential that needs to be incorporated into the design of all websites at the outset – think of it as the foundation to establishing your search engine optimisation strategy. ... continue

How To Design Your Website
 by: Vinay Kumar

This article is for people who are new to web designing and want some idea how to design your web site so as to gain maximum traffic on their website. Here in this article i will show you how to present information want in your web site. Many people while designing their web sites do not consider the needs of the user .I myself, a few days back was looking for some information. Like all of us do, I opened Google and typed in the keywords and I certainly got many good links on the screen .I went on and clicked on one of the link. On reaching the page, I found some more links but no information .I went inside the link looking for information and again I found more links but still no valuable information .I got frustrated and I logged off from the net. ... continue

How to Find Good Web Hosting
 by: Mitch Keeler

You have decided it is about time you jumped on the web hosting bandwagon. You have a website in mind you would like to create. You have a domain name ready to go. The one and only thing that you are missing is the actual web hosting space. Now there are hundreds of different web hosting companies that will promise you hundreds of different guarantees. How do you know which one is legit and which one is bogus? ... continue

How To Get Banned From Google Adsense In Just 2 Clicks
 by: Michael Oliver

The darkest nightmare a hardworking affiliate webmaster fears is receiving a dreaded Google Adsense Warning, or even worse, a notice that Google Adsense has been disabled for the entire account. ... continue

How To Get Profits From Your '404 Page Not Found' File
 by: Radhika Venkata

"'Page Not Found' on this Server. Check the URL and try again. Or Refresh the page..."

This is the annoying error that we will come across every time we surf the web pages. Internet will be changing every minute and day. The web sites that were here are not found next day. The web pages that were here with '/page.html' are changed to '/page1.html' next day. ... continue

How to Prepare Your Project before You Order Website Design
 by: Oleg Lazarenko

Are you serious about get this website done fast and clear and want to make money with your website? Then you will absolutely need some good web design agency to build the website of your dream and that it the aim, right? ... continue

How To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Site
 by: Jonathon White

When you have a website online it is important for you to try and get new visitors to your site, but it’s also important to take care of the visitors that you actually already have. This is because you will want your existing visitors to keep returning to your site again and again. ... continue

How to successfully market your website...
 by: Nicholas Dixon

How does a online marketer gets his site to rank high in the search engines ? That's a question a lot of marketers ask themselves everyday. Online marketing is successful when tackled from several angles. You may be asking yourselves , what are some of these strategies that I can use ? Well here are some that have been proven to work very well ... continue

How To Turn Your Newsletter Into a Web Page... In 45 Seconds!
 by: Michael Southon

Do you place back-issues of your Newsletter on your website?

There are two good reasons why you should:

(1) It shows potential subscribers that you're serious about your Newsletter

(2) Newsletters are rich in keywords, so it's a very good idea to turn back-issues of your Newsletter into HTML documents and then submit them to the major Search Engines ... continue

How to Turn Your Site Traffic into Profits
 by: Serge Daudelin

Many websites continue to have hard time to keep site visitors coming back and make sales. Turning site visitors into customers has become the biggest challenge for e-commerce websites that run by small business owners. Several areas should be re-examined before implementing major promotions. It is crucial to understand following guidelines that work for most small business websites. ... continue

How To Write An Effective FAQ Page
 by: David Coyne

Websites that have multiple pages usually have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. There are several good reasons why you should have one. ... continue

I Don’t Need A Website!….Do I?
 by: Janice D. Byer, MVA

Once upon a time, in a small home office, a busy entrepreneur wondered why he wasn’t quite as busy as he would like to be. “I market my business as much as possible”, said the entrepreneur, who has implemented many marketing procedures while running his business. ... continue

If Content is King, then surely Relevance is Queen!
 by: Jason Hulott

There has been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing in the search engine world of late and there are lots of conspiracy theories as to why these things happen.

It is easy as a webmaster to get caught up in these webs of intrigue.

You get email notes about them, you view so-called experts' thoughts on bulletin Boards - hey you probably even read things in newsletter articles! ... continue

iKobo Review - Part 1
 by: Adam Senour

The Initial Discovery

In April of 2004, I became aware of a company called iKobo as the result of a posting on Web Design Forums (www.webdesignforums.net), a website design discussion board. An individual who was new to the discussion board posted a series of comments regarding iKobo and its presence as a possible serious competitor to PayPal. Upon further research on the company, a series of other forum discussion board posts were discovered. Forum link examples can be found below: ... continue

iKobo Review - Part 2
 by: Adam Senour

Attempt 1 Conclusion

On July 13, 2004, the transaction was cancelled. My MasterCard was never charged.

However, I did notice that my limits as a sender and receiver had been unilaterally raised to $500 USD. I had not contacted iKobo by telephone or email with regard to raising my limits, nor had I sent any of the "required" documentation. ... continue

I’m Gettin’ Really Torqued!
 by: Gene Simmons

For those of you who have been living in a cave for most of your lives, you can translate the “torqued” in the heading of this article to “mad” or “angry”. For today’s discussion of anger, let’s quantify the intensity of our focus with the words “downright, PO’d!” I think that’s quite clear. Let’s proceed.

The first question is “What makes you really angry (as in PO’d)?” ... continue

Image Formats-GIF, JPEG, BMP
 by: Stephen Hames

When browsing the internet you are likely to come across many different image formats. However, the most common formats are: CompuServe GIF, JPEG, and Bitmaps. ... continue

Images: How To Make Them To Load Fast On Your Web Pages?
 by: Radhika Venkata

1. Use .gifs rather than .jpgs. GIFs are smaller in size when compared to JPGs.

2. Use 'Height' and 'Width' tags for your images. So while page loading certain place is left for the images and visitor can go through the content while images are loading. ... continue

In Search of Webhosting: First Understand the Industry
 by: Dax Christopher

In search of a webhosting company for personal or small business purposes? We advise you to take a look at this article to understand the hosting industry and study its dynamics to know what to look for before you make your choice. ... continue

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